Broken Blender Fruited Sour Ale by Topsy Turvy Brewery

Broken Blender
Fruited Sour Ale

Craft Beer

Delight Your Taste Buds

Hoppy: 4/10

Malty: 2/10

Bitter: 1/10

Sour: 5/10

Hops: Mosaic

Fancy Flavors: Cherry Puree, Milk Sugar and Vanilla

ABV: 6%

Topsy Turvy Tales From Wisconsin:

Stephen J. Poplawski was always mixing thing up.  Especially everyone’s favorite Horlick Malted Milk of Racine, Wisc.  You see, Poplawski was an electrical engineer and in 1919, he was hired to develop an automatic malted mixer for use in restaurants.  But he thought, “Why should the soda fountains have all the fun?  What if I want to make a nutritious smoothie at home?”  So in 1933, he formed the Stevens Electric co. and using his electrifying imagination, he attaches a mini-electric motor to the bottom of a cup with blades and liquifies the drinking establishment with the world’s first electric blender.  Thank you, Stephen, for no more lumpy drinks.  To you, we raise a glass of our Fruited Sour Ale.  An intense cherry pie flavor blended with hint of sweet vanilla.  Bottoms Up!

Turvy Tidbit: