Our Brewmaster Ryan Myhre developed a love for craft beer while studying chemical engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. 

Ryan pursued a biochemical engineering masters from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with the intention of developing small molecule therapeutics.  After a short stint of academic research he decided to abandon biochemical engineering and became a stay at home father for his (then) 2 sons Kieran and Luke.

While watching his boys he began to dabble in home brewing and quickly developed a passion for the craft.  In 2016 he completed the Master Brewer Program at the University of California – Davis and shortly thereafter took a job as Head Brewer at Big Time Brewing Company in Seattle, WA.  Big Time Brewing Company is the longest continuously operating brew pub in Seattle.

Ryan also worked in the packaging hall at Real Ale Brewing Co in Blanco, Texas and was a shift brewer for Alamo Beer Co in San Antonio, TX.  Most recently he was the director of operations at the Brewing Projekt in Eau Claire, WI.

He brings a passion for the history of beer, mead and wine and an appreciation of all styles from classics to progressive and everything in between, including wood aged beers and mixed culture fermentations. He is excited to help Topsy Turvy Brewery become part of the craft beer community in Southern Wisconsin. When Ryan is not brewing beer or thinking about brewing beer, he enjoys spending time with his 4 amazing little boys, Kieran, Luke, Liam and Finn.

Topsy Turvy Brewery Brewmaster Ryan Myhre