Topsy Turvy Glass Ball

Growing up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, my father always loved beer. So much that he converted an old refrigerator into a beer tap system in our garage. Unsatisfied with the quality and freshness of bottled or canned beer, he was constantly searching for the freshest available draft beer for his beer fridge. This led him to take long road trips up north to some of the oldest breweries in Wisconsin where he could purchase the freshest kegs around….right off the truck! He couldn’t wait to get back home, tap it, and enjoy this great beer with his friends.

As a young boy, this always made me curious, so every now and then, my friends and I would sneak a sip and marvel at some flippin’ good beer and how clever we were. I’m just as curious now, and hopefully sharper. Working from the bottom up, I started a brewery north of the border in Lake Geneva, WI.  So here we are, Topsy Turvy Brewing Co. is born.

Topsy Turvy is a 16th century expression and literally means upside down, and that’s our philosophy… Similar to the feeling you get when you ride a roller coaster for the first time and it turns your world upside-down. We don’t plan on being conventional and will constantly explore new recipes. Together, my Brewmaster and I are driven to create beers that will make you flip head over heels with delight. Our hope is to inspire the beer lover and explorers in each of you, just as my dad did in me.

Our Focus: We will be mingling traditional old world Wisconsin styles with new aroma driven and flavorful offerings. We plan on exploring the boundaries of craft beer by creating tasty session beer brewed with unique ingredients, as well as offering stable year-round offerings, monthly special releases and rotating batches from hazy IPAs and decadent pastry-inspired stouts to wine/beer hybrids. We hope to bring you brews that, when shared with friends, can help you create fond memories.

Just like that old refrigerator tap, Topsy Turvy promises endless adventures.

Flip on over to our tasting room and experience some Flippin Good Beers and raise a pint to a Topsy-Turvy world, “Bottoms Up!”