Mexican Vienna Lager

Add a little heat to your day. This spicy Mexican Vienna Lager wallops a punch with heat from Jalapenos.

Hops: Cascade
ABV: 5.3%

Topsy Turvy Tales from Wisconsin

Topsy Turvy Brewery was born from a dream and love of Wisconsin’s craft brewing history. This love is being brought to life in a historical church in the heart of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin located just blocks from Geneva Lake.

In order to celebrate the state of Wisconsin and previous visionaries, Topsy Turvy Brewery will be naming our craft beers after inventions from Wisconsin, historical places, tourist attractions or other fun things found in Wisconsin.

Our Peshtigo Spicy Mexican Vienna Lager was name after the Peshtigo fire that happened in 1871.  It is was sadly the deadliest fire in US History and overshadowed in the news by the Chicago Fire which happened the same day.  Dry conditions at that time caused many fires that day.  What started as a small fire was whipped up by high winds.  By the time it was over, an area about 50% larger than Rhode Island was consumed, 12 communities destroyed, about 1,200,000 acres destroyed and many perished.

Some suggest that all the fires that day in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan were cause be fragments of Biela’s Comet.

That day in history had the Peshtigo Fire, Great Chicago Fire, Great Michigan Fire and the Port Huron Fire.

Bottom’s Up to all those that survived and lost their lives that day.

Please Drink Responsibly ~ Topsy Turvy Brewery Team


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